Let’s Work Together to Stamp out Hatred

Published: Current in Carmel, April 4, 2017

Editor, As a vice president of the Jewish American Affairs Committee of Indiana, the only statewide Israel and Jewish advocacy group, I heartily embrace the Indianapolis Muslim community’s letter (in the March 21 edition of Current in Carmel) in support of the local Jewish community and against acts such as the recent bomb threat at our local Jewish Community Center. May I suggest that the Muslim community commence their stand against Jew hatred by focusing on their own back yard. I write this in light of a recent Anti-Defamation League global survey that found the top 10 most anti-Semitic nations to be Muslim ones. I write this knowing that the first individual charged in the wave of bomb threats to Jewish centers in the U.S. was a self-identified Muslim. I write this knowing that the Islamic Society of North America, headquartered in Plainfield and a signatoree on the letter, was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood, a group dedicated to the annihilation of all Jews. I write this knowing that ISNA as well as at least one other mosque that signed the letter invited anti-Semites to speak to their organizations. My group looks forward to working with the Muslim community to stamp out Jew hatred wherever it may be found. Allon Friedman, Carmel

Alon Friedman, Vice President Jewish American Affairs Committee of Indiana



In repsonse to the following:


Published:  Current in Carmel, March 21, 2017

Editor, On behalf of the Muslim community in Indianapolis, represented by the mosques and Muslim organizations listed below, we would like to extend our solidarity with the Jewish community. We are deeply saddened and troubled to hear about the recent acts of hate, intolerance and vandalism against the Jewish people in America, including the recent bomb threat at the Jewish Community Center of Indianapolis. We are certain that such actions can cause people to feel afraid and concerned for their safety. It is very disheartening to hear about these senseless and hateful acts. Without our Jewish friends, we would lose, among other things, so much compassion and kindness found here in Indiana. But please know that the Indianapolis Muslim community, a people of faith and moral conscience, is your ally. We will stand alongside you to uphold the values of justice and compassion. Our homes, our mosques and our hearts are open to you. Please let us know how we can help your community during this time of difficulty. We pray for the security of the Jewish-American community who has undoubtedly been shaken by these events. May God fill your hearts with peace. Amen.

Indianapolis Muslim Community Association Al-Fajr Mosque, Islamic Society of North America, Al Salam Foundation, AsSahabah Mosque, Al-Mu’mineen Mosque, RISE Indy, Masjid Al-Taqwa, Masjid-E-Noor, Nur-Allah Islamic Center, Al-Haqq Foundation, Al Hikma Islamic Center



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